Mabel Vittini , a mural artist and a musician, wrote the song "On a wing" after a personal life transition.

 Even though she's always on the run, she still donates her time, money, and art to multiple causes as her life's passion. Thanks to her, Kid's Needs now has a soundtrack.


Please consider donating your used printer ink cartridges and cellphones to Kid's Needs Foundation . Your donation will be an appreciated help to our foundation and to our planet as well. Each  donated cartridge and cellphone are recycled according to EPA regulations.

Toy Drive 2016

We had an amazing and rewarding time delivering the toys for the kids with special needs at Coral Sunset  elementary school this year. The look into the children's eyes is priceless.Thanks to the whole crew, the school  principal, our Zumba instructor Willibeth Garces and to everybody that made this possible.

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Kid's Needs Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization that provides adaptive

equipment for children with special needs when all other resources have been exhausted. In

addition, Kid's Needs Foundation provides families with information on how to advocate for themselves and obtain specialized services through government and other not-for-profit agencies.

​​Kid's Needs Foundation

                     OUR MISSION

Our mission is to assist children with special needs and their families to advocate for themselves and access programming and specialized equipment in  the State of Florida.